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7 Essential Tips when Downsizing

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Are thinking about downsizing or have you been thinking about it for quite some time? Is 2022 the year for change?

If you are attached to the community in your area, staying local is one of the best considerations. The best way to avoid regret is to work methodically and without feeling rushed and this may mean preparing slowly, now.

Moving from your treasured family home into a smaller space can not only feel daunting, it can stir-up mixed emotions from the past.

You may not feel positive however the outcome will be well worthwhile, especially if you are finding it hard to manage or it is simply no longer practical.

It may be time to ‘let go’ of some treasured items, distribute them among family and friends or store them safe and soundly.

As you check each item ask yourself the questions... when did I last use this? ...would someone else need this more than me? would I feel if I no longer had this? this more valuable to me or someone else I know?

Then ask yourself a final question... is it time to ‘let go’?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, these top tips may help you prepare in the best way so that you can transition with ease.

1. Write a list of items you love and cannot live without. If you can keep what's on your wish list, you won't be upset about the things you are choosing to discard, give-away or sell.

2. Start sorting out your belongings at least three months before the move. Take some time each day, or one morning each week, to go through that jammed coat closet or overflowing filing cabinet. Paperwork that is no longer relevant can be ruthlessly shredded.

3. Get a feel for the size of your new rooms by comparing them to rooms of similar dimensions in your present home. For instance, your living-room-to-be might be roughly the same size as your current bedroom. You may think you can squeeze in two sofas, but this kind of reality check could help you realise that only one will fit comfortably.

4. Target items with low sentimental value. Take the kitchen, for example; most people don't need 10 mixing bowls. Do you know any families starting out that may appreciate a set of cooking utensils? If you're downsizing from a house to a condo, target the garage. Snow shovels, the lawn mower, ladders - you won't need any of them.

5. Don't throw anything in the garbage. Recycle, reuse, sell and donate instead. As tempting and easy as it is to pitch wire hangers, musty clothes and shabby furnishings, be environmentally responsible and find a home for everything.

6. When selling your goods, try an auction for high-end items.

Look for reputable antique or second hand dealers. Often, they can buy all of your wares or put you in touch with booksellers and other specialty dealers. You may prefer to list your items on Facebook marketplace. This is a popular and easy platform to use.

7. Use floor plans to prearrange your furniture before the move. This is another useful reality check. Don't wait until after you move to contend with furniture you'll just end up tripping over.

Change is often difficult at the beginning, messy in the middle and in most cases wonderful in the end. By seeking support and looking to the future rather than focusing on the past you will be sure to enjoy the experience and transition well.

All the very best on your journey to sale.

Frances Harkin, your Country to Coast Estate Agent is here to help you feel more confident on your journey to sale. Connect with Frances today so you can you maximise the sale of your property and transition with ease.

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